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When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they need to find an addiction treatment center that is able to help them get the help they need. There are many options available for treating addictions. One type of treatment is known as residential treatment. Residential treatment is the most expensive form of treatment and it is also the most effective form of treatment as well. Residential treatment is for a period of time where a person will go to a treatment center that will treat them and make sure that they are able to stay clean and sober. A form of inpatient treatment, psychotherapy, is also part of addiction treatment. Therapists mainly use it in conjunction with residential treatment, using more traditional methods like behavior therapy to pinpoint the source of your addiction. There are many ways that you can start treatment. You may want to look into going to your local hospital or an outpatient center for treatment. If you are suffering from an addiction to alcohol, you should seek out a counselor who specializes in this area of treatment as well. Addiction treatment centers offer different types of treatment for different types of addictions. There are many different ways that people are able to treat addictions. It depends on how severe the addiction is, what sort of treatment it needs, what your personality is and whether or not you have a support group or not. There are several different forms of treatment and each type has a different success rate. Your local addiction center, as well as other treatment centers, may offer some form of substance abuse treatment for those that may be struggling with an addiction to alcohol, drugs or both. The type of treatment will depend on what sort of addiction, you have as well as the needs of the individual. No matter what kind of treatment you are seeking, there is someone who can help you get the help you need and get you out of the addiction that you are in.