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Patricia ‘Lee’ Nowlin Mobile AL 36695

Patricia 'Lee' Nowlin Therapist in Mobile, Alabama, specializes in treating the mental and emotional effects of life on the inside....
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Ellen L Odom Mobile AL 36608

Ellen L Odom Therapist in Mobile, AL is a Certified Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in helping couples work...
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ICU Counseling & Mental Health Support Services Mobile AL 36640

If you are looking to provide your loved one with quality care and have the added benefit of being able...
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David Goldberg Birmingham AL 35223

The David Goldberg Therapist in Birmingham, AL is a psychic who has been in business for about twenty-five years. He...
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Terri Gregson Spain McCalla AL 35111

"Terri Gregson Spain Therapist in McCalla, AL" is a well-liked article on the internet, and I'm sure that the author...
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Rachel Hartman Tuscaloosa AL 35404

If you are looking for the best therapist in Tuscaloosa, AL that you can trust, you might want to check...
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Genesis Counseling Services Dothan AL 36303

Genesis Counseling Services is the only fully accredited, faith-based therapist in Dothan, AL. This company provides individual and family counseling,...
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Evolved Counseling Services LLC Montgomery AL 36106

Evolved Counseling Services, LLC is an Atlanta based Therapist specializing in the area of psychotherapy and counseling. It is part...
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Cherie S. Hall Opelika AL 36801

Dr. Cherie S. Hall, a certified marriage and family therapist, was born in West Virginia and is originally from the...
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Caroline Baker Birmingham AL 35209

The Therapist in Birmingham, AL has been in the business of therapeutic massage for over forty years and works with...
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Brittany Cockrum Helena AL 35080

The Brittany Cockrum Therapist in Helena, AL has seen a steady influx of clients over the last two decades, most...
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Kwajulyn Rucker Arise and Shine Counseling LLC Florence AL 35630

If you are looking for a Substance Abuse Therapist in Florence, Alabama then you have come to the right place....
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More About Therpists in Alabama

If you are seeking help with an addiction or for Alabama alcohol addiction counseling then these professionals offer professional alcohol treatment (or alcohol addiction counseling) and addiction therapy in Alabama. Addictions are ever deceptive: they start out small and gradually take hold until they become nearly impossible to reverse. A majority of those who are addicted to alcohol begin with the use of illegal drugs, but many others begin with an accidental injury or accident that makes them dependent upon alcohol. Other times, an alcoholic may develop addictions due to stressful work and family life. Regardless of the cause, an alcoholism treatment center can help those suffering from addictions find a way of recovery. Most addiction counselors in Alabama will provide private therapy sessions, group therapy sessions and family therapy. In private therapy sessions, addiction counselors will be able to provide individualized attention and will work with each client individually to address his/her unique needs and challenges. Addiction counselors will also be able to offer their client support beyond the advice they give through their private practice. Family therapy is an essential part of recovery. In family therapy, the addiction counselors and therapists help their clients deal with issues such as alcohol abuse and addiction recovery, marriage and family problems, depression, anxiety and stress, and the issues that are unique to the individual addict. When searching for alcohol addiction counselors in Alabama, there are a number of things to consider. The first is to make sure the organization is licensed to provide addiction counseling and that they participate in continuing education programs. Next, make sure the center offers individual therapy and group therapy. Also, ask about their alcohol addiction counselors. You want someone who is committed to providing personal, one-on-one care, dedicated to offering guidance to families, and someone with a high level of compassion.